14:34 | 08.12.23 | News | 21164

Wi-Fi Calling is now available at Viva-MTS

Wi-Fi Calling is now available at Viva-MTS. Every now and then, we find ourselves in places, where the mobile signal is not strong enough to let us make or receive calls.

“Wi-Fi Calling” is the solution to this problem now available with Viva-MTS. Viva-MTS, the leading mobile operator of Armenia, allows its subscribers to make calls over Wi-Fi at home or abroad through “Wi-Fi Calling” and a VoWiFi compatible smartphone. You simply need to connect to a Wi-Fi network and continue using mobile services. It’s the tariffs and voice service inclusions set by the current tariff plan that are used for all the calls.

“It is extremely important for Viva-MTS to provide its subscribers with more opportunities to use the functions of smartphones. The IMS system (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is at the core of the company's innovative services. Today it is difficult to imagine life without mobile phones. Smartphones are irreplaceable for most of us. We’re used to the idea of having cellular network and Wi-Fi working separately, yet, sometimes, the mobile network turns unavailable, while the Wi-Fi remains there. This is where “Wi-Fi Calling” comes in handy, but it is not the only scenario in which it can be used: while abroad and connected to a Wi-Fi network, all your calls, both incoming and outgoing, made using “Wi-Fi Calling” technology are charged as local, that is, as if you were in Armenia. By adding new technology, we hope to make our subscribers’ life both easier and more profitable,” Viva-MTS General Director Armen Avetisian said.

“Wi-Fi Calling” can help you in situations where the cellular connection is weak, such as underground infrastructures, semi-basement locations, summer houses, and anywhere else where the connection is unstable, but where a Wi-Fi network is available. When calling with VoWi-Fi, it is not mandatory for the recipient to have a VoWiFi-compatible smartphone or an active Wi-Fi calling to answer the call.

VoWi-Fi doesn’t require activating roaming or downloading any OTT app. To use the VoWi-Fi service, the subscriber needs to have a phone with the appropriate Wi-Fi calling function installed and activated by the manufacturer for our region. As a result, even when not connected to the mobile network (when it is unavailable) or in airplane mode, the call is automatically made in VoWi-Fi mode.

The active status of the service is visible on the smartphone screen. The status of VoWi-Fi can also be checked sending the command *412#.