17:02 | 12.09.23 | News | 18829

The reduced Ucom roaming rate for several countries will remain at 9 amd/mb

Following the holiday season, as part of the Ucom summer offer, the reduced internet rate will remain unchanged on the networks of Yettel in Bulgaria, Cosmote in Greece, Orange in Spain, and Mtel in Montenegro, which will continue to offer the rate of 9 AMD/MB.

Meanwhile, subscribers on the networks of Epic in Cyprus, WINDTRE and Vodafone in Italy, and Vodafone in Greece will continue to be charged the internet rate of 15 AMD/MB.

"Ucom mobile subscribers can always choose from a range of bundles, including 300MB, 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, and the largest “Internet in Roaming 8GB” through the Ucom mobile app to stay in touch with their close ones affordably while traveling," said Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.

Let us also remind that the 9 AMD/MB tariff applies indefinitely when connecting to Orange in Egypt, Geocell/Magticom in Georgia, du in the UAE, and T-Mobile in the USA. It's important to note that the roaming service must be activated before departure from Armenia via the Ucom mobile application or by dialing *121# and following the instructions on the smartphone.