14:21 | 16.08.23 | News | 13789

uDays discounts are available in the Ucom online shop

For 3 days only, from August 16 to 18, the uDays special offer is available in the Ucom online shop. During this limited time, buyers can enjoy a 15% discount on a range of accessories, 30% off on select smartphones, and a significant 42% discount on the Sony Play Station 5 gaming console.

For instance, the classic 4th generation Samsung Galaxy smartwatch with a 46mm diameter is now priced at AMD 128,265 instead of AMD 150,900. With online installments, it starts at just AMD 2,670 per month. The Xiaomi Mi - Mop 2 Lite (MJSTL) robot vacuum cleaner is offered at AMD 93,415, with online installments starting from only AMD 1,950 per month. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 instant camera, available in five different colors, can be purchased from the online shop at AMD 47,175 or with online credit for just AMD 980 per month.

"Ucom's online shop offers wireless headphones, speakers, smartwatches, Wi-Fi devices, tablets, and smartphones from well-known brands. These items make excellent gifts for your close ones or even for yourself. A technological gift not only enhances everyday life but also helps maintain important connections," said Ralph Yirikian, the Director General of Ucom.

Let us also add, that special discounts apply to installment purchases as well.