11:07 | 09.08.23 | News | 8511

SADA to cooperate with Endeavor Streaming

Endeavor Streaming, a global leader in premium video distribution and monetization across sports, entertainment, media and lifestyle, will leverage Google Cloud services across its streaming technology thanks to the cooperation with SADA.

This joint effort will allow the company to utilize Google Cloud services across its streaming video workflow.

Endeavor Streaming’s current services provide fast and reliable video delivery while simultaneously helping brands and IP owners enhance viewer experiences with optimized content based on user behavior, metadata, and segmentation. Its real-time analytics and machine learning platform allows partners to analyze audience engagement and business metrics to identify new viewers that look like a service’s most valuable cohort and predict users who are likely to churn, which helps deliver more revenue.

In addition to numerous solutions, SADA offers companies hybrid and multicloud services as well. The experts combine migration and modernization into one step, eliminating time-consuming code rewrites and costly manual processes.