15:50 | 28.04.23 | News | 7020

SADA offers Enterprise Transformation solution with Google Workspace

In response to the demand for tools intended for working in remote and hybrid capacities, SADA offers a new Enterprise Transformation solution with Google Workspace.

More than ever, businesses need cross-application integrations and workflows that allow teams to access data and applications securely and seamlessly.

“We’ve found there’s no better place to start your Enterprise Transformation journey than with a solid Google Workspace foundation. This popular suite of productivity applications–including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Sheets, and Slides, to name just a few–can be easily customized to your specific business needs and regulatory environment,” a blog published by SADA says.

To make transformation more secure and smooth, SADA experts published Enterprise Transformation solution guidelines.

SADA published an ebook on 7 Steps to Enterprise Transformation with Google Workspace. The company’s experts help their customers during the entire cloud transformation journey. The services include in-depth analysis, readiness, and planning, ensuring that your Workspace strategy aligns with your priorities. A dedicated team works with customers to solve migration-related problems.  

SADA has served over 4,000 Google Workspace customers like WeWork, Discovery, and Colgate-Palmolive, and migrated over 30 million users to Workspace.