Viva-MTS comes up with a new offer: subscribe to “+Premium” service and add 30 GB more Internet to your “X”, “Y”, “Z”, “Viva” or “START” tariff plan and get subscription to “Yandex Plus”.

Within the “Yandex Plus” enjoy unlimited movies, shows, music, podcasts, audiobooks, and get a chance for trips with “Yandex GO” at 10% more affordable tariffs.
To mention, when using the “Yandex Music”, “Kinopoisk” and “Yandex GO” apps within the “Yandex Plus”, the MBs of Internet packages are not consumed.

Activation: *888*4#
Activation fee: AMD 2000

Activation of the “Yandex Plus” service is possible only via “My Viva-MTS” application.  Activation of the “Yandex Plus” service is required via “My Viva-MTS” application only at the first activation of services. Validity period of active the “Yandex Plus” subscription ends when the validity of the “+Premium” service ends, both for prepaid and postpaid subscriptions.

For more information, visit, contact 111 free of charge hotline, chat with us through “111 Online”, or approach one of Viva-MTS service centers.