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Antarctica, libraries and power grids: projects realized by the new General Director of Viva-MTS

On June 15, 2022, MTS announced the appointment of Armen Avetisyan as the new CEO of Viva-MTS. Since March 2021, Armen Avetisyan has served as Vice President for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Automation at MTS, and iTel.am decided to present some of the projects implemented under his leadership.

IoT in Antarctica

In March 2022, MTS announced that it provided the Novolazarevskaya Antarctic station with the NB-IoT standard network.

“Such projects have a huge impact both on the development of technologies for the exploration of the Antarctic, and on the scientific and everyday life of polar explorers. Joint solutions make it possible to completely rebuild logistics, monitor the environmental situation online and conduct more scientific research,” Armen Avetisyan said.

He noted that MTS plans to expand the scope of IoT in Antarctica: sensors will control the operation parameters of thermoelectric generators, climate control units and other equipment.

Library holdings

In February 2022, MTS provided continuous monitoring of the microclimate using the “Celsium” IoT solution in the premises of the Central Special Library for the Blind in Nizhny Novgorod.

Armen Avetisyan said that the device does not require installation work or special skills for installation, so it can be used in museums and libraries, where work with the formation of dust is prohibited.

“Celsium” allows to monitor the temperature, humidity, pressure and air quality in the premises around the clock. Readings from sensors in real time via the NB-IoT network are sent to the MTS cloud storage.

Electric meter data collection

In May 2022, MTS announced that it was the first telecommunications company to develop a comprehensive IoT solution for automatic collection of data from electric meters.

“We provide a full cycle of not only data collection, but also their subsequent processing and analysis with the use of Big Data,” said Armen Avetisyan.

MTS has also developed and put into pilot operation a platform for detecting commercial losses in power grids.