14:10 | 03.06.21 | News | 9966

Construction of a house completed in Arpi village with support of Viva-MTS

The housing problem of 96 families against the planned 37 was solved in 2020, as part of the housing project implemented by the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia with support of Viva-MTS.

Viva-MTS has stated that despite all the difficulties of 2020, the housing project has been implemented fully in all marzes of Armenia. Both during the quarantine set in the country due to the coronavirus and during the wartime, families continued building their homes. Sometimes, the only reason for stopping the construction for a short time was that the homeowners were serving on the frontline. Even then, people managed to fulfill their dream of many years.
Gevorg Aghajanyan from Arpi village, Vayots Dzor marz, was on the frontline. The father of four has two tasks set for himself: to defend the Homeland and to build a house.  Being a contract serviceman helped him to fulfill the first one; and the assistance of the relatives was there for him to continue the construction of the house. Gevorg followed up on the construction of his house and sometimes gave instructions from the frontline via short phone calls.
“The ways you choose to reach your goals are as important as the goals themselves. Problems are surmountable where there is will, commitment to succeed by all means and a pledge to never bend before hardships. I am pleased to see this attitude is shared by our partners and equally the Armenian families living in the regions of the country, building the houses of their dreams. You are a role model in the way how one should respond to challenges. The desire to be useful to the country and one’s family make you stronger. Keep up with your life position and be the role models that you are for your children,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said during the video call.
“We are living difficult times, but our strength is in our constructiveness. We all should be able to do our best in our place. The sense of social responsibility of Viva-MTS and the principles of our organization, where the family is the builder of the house and is responsible for its own house, make wonders strengthening the backbone of our country,” said Ashot Yeghiazaryan, President of the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia.

Viva-MTS has invested over AMD 230 million in the implementation of the housing project, completely changing the quality of life of many families.