17:25 | 12.03.21 | News | 14273

Ucom expands the assortment of smart home gadget sets

From now on it is possible to purchase all home-related services and gadgets at Ucom as a single package, control them via voice instructions or through a mobile application, while saving time and electricity.

By the way, the range of innovative smart devices for the “Smart Home”, presented in a number of sales and service centers of the company, has been expanded and is available with a 10% discount, in particular, for the current and new subscribers of Ucom’s fixed service uMix packages.

Smart devices, including the uTV box connected to them, can be turned on or off at a preferred time, monitored on power consumption, managed with a smartphone, or with Alisa, Siri and Google smart assistants. The entire assortment is presented in Ucom sales and service centers on Northern Avenue, in Megamol and Yerevan City, as well as in the Ucom online shop.

"In the daily hustle and bustle, technologies are created to make work easier, to save time, energy resources, make the house more comfortable and safe. You can be outside the house, controlling all the devices from one place, switching on the preferred uTV channel via smartphone for the other members of your family, heating the food, checking the air humidity and temperature,” said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

photo © Ucom

Let us note that on a variety of devices Alisa, Google, or Siri smart assistants respond quickly to voice commands and can turn on or off, for example, any device connected to a smart socket: from a kettle to a Wi-Fi router. uTV subscribers will enjoy watching their favorite program or movie without having to get up from the chair, as the smart assistant is able to turn on the TV, control the volume and perform any action within the uTV services; customers just need to pre-configure the universal remote controller.

Let us add that the installation and configuration of individual gadgets or “Smart Home” gadget sets is easy. To control, one just needs to add the corresponding devices to the smartphone app. All gadgets can be purchased both as a set and individually.