16:49 | 11.03.21 | News | 12292

Talented young people can join FAST’s Next Generation Council

The Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) invites young scientists, technologists and tech entrepreneurs to join its Next Generation (NextGen) Council’s new cycle.

Since October 2017 the Council brings together the talent, knowledge, and skills of young and motivated individuals (from many fields such as bioscience, medical sciences, machine learning, quantum engineering...), from every corner of the world to provide a boost to scientific endeavors, technological developments, and entrepreneurship activities in Armenia and beyond.

In the scope of NextGen’s new cycle FAST has developed a new approach that will enable its talented members to be directly engaged in the Foundation’s activities. Thus, all the young enthusiasts who realize their aspirations and are eager to contribute to the development of science and technology in Armenia are welcome to apply for membership in the Council.

The mission of the Network is the development of a bond between Armenia and the next generation of Armenian scientists, innovators, tech entrepreneurs.

NextGen Council will function as a platform, where future leaders of Armenian science and technology will come together to build interdisciplinary connections and to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. The new members of the Council will get the chance to co-design and co-implement FAST programs, as well as initiate some projects of theirs that will serve the broader mission of FAST. Through creating collaborations with academic and research institutions, as well as entrepreneurial communities, NextGen members will play a pivotal role in strengthening ties among Armenian and global talents in science and technology.

To learn more about the selection criteria and the application process, follow the link here. The deadline for application is April 1st, 2021.