16:25 | 31.07.20 | News | 16274

Ucom to provide 105 mln AMD for network outage

Ucom intends to reimburse a total of 105 million drams to its fixed-line customers for the network outage occurred in July.

“The Ucom team believes that it is difficult to put a price on the inconveniences caused to Ucom's customers due to connection outage. Appreciating the patience of all customers, the entire staff of the Company expresses its gratitude to everyone for their very important and invaluable support in tough times.

Taking into account that thousands of Ucom customers would have liked to avoid the stress caused by technical issues and might consider the individual limits to be small (every individual customer will receive from 500 to 2000 AMD according to his/her chosen tariff plan), the Company's staff has a suggestion regarding the disposal of 105 million drams. It will be decided on whether or not to proceed with this suggestion via free SMS voting and calls.

The customers will receive a question from 1004 short number on whether they want 105 million drams to be fully refunded to customers (500-2000 AMD each according to the tariff plan), or whether they consider it appropriate to donate this amount on behalf of all Ucom's customers to the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen, taking into account the direction and relevance of the Foundation's activities”.

Ucom will provide further information about the final decision.