17:11 | 30.06.20 | News | 14896

Overcoming the state of emergency through team work: The story of Rostelecom

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Rostelecom employees have been working remotely for around four months, with the exception of certain departments.

In that time, the company has improved several services related to customer service and efficient management and made up-to-date, innovative offers for home and business.

Team work produces dream work

“Difficult situations tend to bring people together and make the real state of the team visible. Our priority is the health of our employees. For the last four months, the majority of our staff is working from home. We have a reason to be proud of how they work in these circumstances, because the situation unveils personal qualities and potential which we don’t notice usually.

We highly appreciate the work of every employee in all our departments. Our common efforts are aimed at success. The results of our work are visible first of all to our subscribers, of course, whose praise demonstrates that our team work is successful.”

Hayk Faramazyan, CEO

Speed and professionalism

“Thanks to our partners, we were able to secure remote work for our Call center in just one day, providing the required equipment and software to the staff. The number of calls increased and the center was overloaded, but no transaction suffered and of course, it is exclusively the merit of our staff, their team spirit and dedication: seeing the number of calls, even off-duty staffers quickly responded to the situation and took calls.

The result is the index we have today: the on-the-phone customer service has increase by 9 times compared to the pre-coronavirus period. It is also due to the readiness demonstrated by employees of other departments, who joined the efforts of the Call center to conduct customer service. I am very grateful to all for their dedicated work and positive approach.”

Anna Ananyan, head of Customer Service Department
Risk and workload

“It should be noted that many employees had to go to work. Rostelecom continued installing internet connection in subscribers’ homes during the state of emergency. Our staff followed all safety rules. Going outside is very risky in such times: you have to change the environment and then go home after contacting subscribers and colleagues. In addition, our staff conducted daily monitoring to oversee the network workload and secure continuous communication. Thankfully, these efforts are going smoothly and the health of our employees has not been jeopardized.”

Aram Avetisyan, CTO