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Armenian startup Flight Hunter to organize charter flights to Yerevan

Founded in Armenia, Flight Hunter startup aims to help Armenians who want to return to Yerevan by plane.

The startup’s co-founder Vahag Rapyan has told Itel.am that the startup is accepting applications for charter flights from various corners of the world to Yerevan.

According to him, Flight Hunter was founded around two years ago. Over that time, the team tried to build a platform that would enable users to obtain unprecedentedly cheap airplane tickets mere minutes before the flights.

“Regular flights are canceled now, some airlines have already gone bankrupt. There are millions of people in the world at the moment, who need to get from one place to another, so we decided to change our business model a little bit. Now people can use our platform to organize a flight,” said Vahag Rapyan.

The startup plans to release the updated app in App Store and Google Play. The applications for destinations can be submitted here.

When there is a sufficient number of applicants for the same route, Flight Hunter will organize a charter flight. According to Vahag Rapyan, those applicants whose routes do not register a sufficient number of passengers will be offered similar routes.

Flight Hunter co-founder Tigran Petrosyan has told Itel.am that the startup is negotiating with different airlines and airports.

“We are receiving a lot of calls and messages. Mostly likely, the first flight will be Moscow-Yerevan,” he added.

The founders are certain that any crisis creates new opportunities, citing that the 2008 global financial crisis gave birth to such large companies as AirBnb and Uber among others.

“We hope that the Armenian Flight Hunter will play a revolutionary role in the history of air traffic,” noted Vahag Rapyan.

Narine Daneghyan