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Armenian startup EasyDMARC features among top 5 email security companies

Armenian startup EasyDMARC has featured on the DMARC Software Market report, put together by independent analysts, as one of the world’s leading DMARC providers.

The startup’s co-founder Gerasim Hovhannisyan has told Itel.am that EasyDMARC offers solutions against email fraud and enhances email authentication (which decreases the probability of messages getting sorted into the spam box).

Email fraud is more commonly known as phishing. In this process, cybercriminal sends a fake email from a trusted person’s account to obtainpersonal data or money, spread computer viruses, etc.

EasyDMARC’s solutions reduce the risks of financial and data loss for companies and increase the trust toward their domains.

According to Gerasim Hovhannisyan, EasyDMARC provides free tools like Domain Risk Scanner to scan and assess the risks of the company’s domain, or that of subcontractors, partners, and clients.

“All our tools work outside of the client’s network perimeter and have no access to the company’s confidential data. Particularly in the case of financial and healthcare companies as well as government domains, it is important to exclude intrusion of any tool into the client’s infrastructure and prevent the tool from accessing inner procedures, at the same time securing easy integration,” he said.

It takes 15 minutes and no expertise for a medium-size enterprise to install EasyDMARC.

The company plans to launch new tools for protection against email information vulnerabilities and new mechanisms for risk management. The team also intends to increase the range of services and provide an all-included security solution.

“70% of all emails in the world are ads, fake letters, and attachments of dangerous software. The information leaks grow by 11% annually, causing huge losses to companies. Cybercriminals create new mechanisms for attacks daily, which increases the importance of information security solutions,” underlined Gerasim Hovhannisyan.

EasyDMARC already serves over 7,000 companies in different countries. The list of its Armenian clients includes the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of High-Tech Industry, and Ameriabank.