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DataArt representatives: Businesses should look at technologies in terms of additional capacities

The delegation of finance, healthcare, tourism, media and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider DataArt visited Armenia last week.

During the visit, Itel.am talked with the company’s Delivery Director Dmitry Stillermann and Principal Financial Consultant Oleg Komissarov at the DataArt Armenia office.

Dmitry Stillermann, Delivery Director

It’s my first visit to Armenia. The first impression is absolutely great. This is an ancient country with an ancient culture. People are super friendly.

I believe that DataArt Armenia office is very promising. Although this is my first visit, I had a chance to work with the representatives of the Armenian office in our previous projects and I am impressed with the level of expertise.

Dmitry Stillermann Dmitry Stillermann

DataArt gives the opportunity to work in a multinational and dynamic team, which is a great experience. Specialists in our company have the opportunity to constantly update skills regarding technologies and try new ones.

If you are a bank and you can’t experiment with your core business, but you are interested in discovering opportunities that new technologies can give, you can set up a very small focus team and try. Many big banks are experimenting with this strategy right now.

Oleg Komissarov, Principal Consultant, Finance Practice

This is my first visit as well, but I am under impression that this is not the first time I am here. We have a lot of Armenian friends and colleagues in the United States.

There is a lot of noise regarding new technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain. We have serving clients in all those directions and can see all those technologies in real life. We can share knowledge and help businesses and engineers make their choices, satisfy their curiosity.

Many companies believe that they can jump to the new future at once. Generally, companies that invest a lot in new technologies driven by real business needs are more successful. We know cases when companies invest hundreds of billions in new technologies and fail after 3-5 years.

Oleg Komissarov Oleg Komissarov

Many new technologies like cloud, blockchain, machine learning, should be looked at as what additional capabilities do they provide to the business. In most cases, we advise using new technologies while having this perspective in mind, not just because new technologies are fashionable and trendy.

Companies need to invest in people and knowledge in order to jump to the new future. This is how we are working with our clients and helping them to enter this new future.

Narine Daneghyan