10:48 | 29.01.20 | News | 15250

Ucom subscribers to get 2X more mobile internet when activating bundles via Ucom app

Within the frames of special offer Ucom mobile customers will get 2X more internet for their smartphones, only in case of activating a set of internet bundles via Ucom mobile application.

In particular, when activating the 300 MB internet bundle subscribers will get 600 MB by paying just 100 AMD for the activation. Upon activating, the volume of 500 MB subscribers will get 1000 MB of internet at the rate of 500 AMD instead of the previous 750 AMD. In addition, when activating the 1 GB internet bundle via Ucom application the subscribers will receive 2 GB at only 700 AMD instead of the previous 1000 AMD.

“By the way, the former bundle of 2 GB is upgraded to 3 GB, and that can be activated at the rate of 1200 AMD instead of the previous 1500 AMD. The 10 GB bundle activation fee has decreased significantly to 3500 AMD instead of the previous 5000 AMD. In addition, we have launched a new 20 GB internet bundle, the activation fee of which is 6500 AMD”, said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

Let us add, that the subscribers of Ucom’s Prepaid service, Universal/ Universal Plus postpaid tariff plans, as well as Monthly subscriptions are eligible to activate internet bundles via Ucom app. The validity of bundles shall be 30 days, except for the 300 MB bundle, which is valid during a day only.

Ucom mobile app is available at the App Store and/or Google Play.