14:57 | 24.01.20 | News | exclusive 20606

GravitX: New game managed by eye and head movement

Improvis Games has launched mobile game GravitX that works without any physical contact between the person and the device, as the players can manage the game using their eye movements.

The game was created by the company’s Armenian team of 4.

The goal is to use the player’s eyes and head to guide a playful ball as it rocks and rolls across a field so that it reaches various checkpoints. Player controls the ball by nodding their head and moving their neck to navigate. Eye movement is required too.


The team leader, Garegin Hambaryan has told Itel.am that the sound engineers worked hard to craft and seamlessly integrate player’s GravitX sound-and-music experience. He also highlighted the game’s design.

“Our team was working on an Artificial Intelligence program that allowed the users to enter passwords using their eye movements without any physical contact between the person and the device. At that time, we came up with the idea to create a game that would be different from all existing games in the way it was managed and would make the human-machine interaction more interesting,” said Hambaryan.

The main audience of the game is young people, and it would be very helpful for people with a passive lifestyle or those working in IT and spending a lot of time in front of the monitor, as the neck and eyes exercises during the playing will help them to lower the strain and stress.

According to Garegin Hambaryan, the game also has the option of voice management, which has not been released yet. The team plans to develop solutions using neurofeedback as well in the future.

The game is currently available in AppStore. Hambaryan has told Itel.am that the team was developing the game for both platforms, IOS and Android, in the beginning.

“Our development was taking a long time, so we decided to focus on one platform, and we started working on IOS version of GravitX. We are going to release the Android version of GravitX as well in the near future,” he said.