15:41 | 23.01.20 | News | 16718

Viva-MTS helps the Minasyan family solve housing issue

The Minasyans, living in Akhlatyan village of Syunik region, have been slow to take down the Christmas tree. 2020 became a year of significant achievements for them.

After living in the half-built house for 26 years, they have finally renovated and completed the house construction. Like the elder brothers, the youngest son of the family became a student in autumn, fulfilling the dream of his late mother. It is the second half of January, the three young men and the father of the family joyfully take down the Christmas tree saying the power of the good mood is important. They have decided, from now on, the house will be filled with only in a positive thought.

The Minasyan family is the eighth in Syunik region supported by Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. The eldest son, Hrach, who is 25, learned about the project from another beneficiary, a friend from a neighboring Darbas village. After being included in the program last summer, the construction works restarted with more rigor. The neighbors and friends have joined them. They were able to complete the work in a short period of time. The semi-constructed building of Minasyan family became a home in seven months. Memories of long and difficult years have remained in the past.

“My eldest son's dream came true. Now I have a wish. I want my sons to start their own families and enjoy the work they have done. The support of partner organizations gave joy and hope not only to our family but also to the village. We don't feel alone,” said the father of the family, Vladik Minasyan.

“One of the best aspects of the program is that a person builds his own home. The second is the fast-paced construction. What could have been accomplished in 10-15 years without your support, now, is completed in one year. There is also a significant psychological impact; people feel that they are not alone, and that gives them strength and confidence,” the elder son of the family, Hrach Minasyan, said.

With the support of partners, Viva-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, 208 families living in different regions of Armenia have been able to overcome not only their financial but also the psychological problems.