17:35 | 18.12.19 | News | 13958

Head of DataArt Armenia attends panel discussions at Neruzh bootcamp

Neruzh 2019 kicked off at UWC Dilijan on December 17. The programme is designed to facilitate engagement of entrepreneurs and engineers from Diaspora in relevant projects in Armenia, promote repatriation, and develop the startup ecosystem in Armenia.

Head of DataArt Armenia Arsen Baghdasaryan took part in the panel discussions held on the first day of Neruzh bootcamp. He talked assistance to startups and options for cooperation between corporations and startups.

“We don’t provide financial assistance but we have substantial technological resources that can be helpful for new companies in early stages of development. We are ready to contribute to supporting startups in this way.

DataArt has significant capacity, in particular 3500 top specialists working in the company’s branches in different countries. With this potential, startups can quickly create real value based on their idea. We can also help startups assemble teams,” said Arsen Baghdasaryan.

According to him, the corporation-startup collaboration should be considered in terms of both startup ecosystem and the entire IT ecosystem of Armenia.

“Since the first day of working in Armenia, DataArt contributed to development local IT ecosystem. First, we participated in conferences and presented the potential of our company in different ways, including presentations on relevant topics by foreign speakers. We also introduced our corporate culture to the Armenian IT community,” added Baghdasaryan.

DataArt creates and develops unique software solutions, designed to help clients advance their business.

The company has been around for 22 years. It currently has branches in more than 20 countries including USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine and Argentina. In 2019, Armenia joined the list when DataArt opened a branch in Yerevan.