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Top stylish IT offices: DataArt Armenia

DataArt creates, develops and enhances unique software solutions that help the company’s clients advance their business regardless of its field.

After 22 years of activity, DataArt has surpassed the mark of 20 branches, including those in the USA, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, etc. A few months ago the Yerevan office with its 22-strong staff joined that range.

The Armenian office of the large provider of financial, healthcare, tourism, media and internet of things (IoT) solutions opens on September 12. Itel.am has visited it ahead of the opening and took some shots of the stylish office.

The first thing to flesh out before the visitors, as they exit the elevator, is the company’s motto: “People first”.

Table football reminds that DataArt knows the importance of making the staff’s free time entertaining.

The walls are decorated with photos of retro devices, kept in DataArt’s IT museum.

The company finds it important to empower its employees to discover their potential while they work in DataArt ecosystem.

The open-space office enables the company to create an atmosphere of unity in the workplace.

The relationship between clients and staffers is based on mutual respect regardless of differences people might have.

Recreation areas with wonderful views are among the best places to find similarities.

There is a special table for those who don’t like working long hours at their desks. The table can be adjusted to the height of employees wishing to work standing.

The most important qualities of the company are flexibility in experimentation, opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills, adaptability to changes.  

DataArt Armenia has 2 rooms (a small and a large ones) for discussions and negotiations.   

The rooms for discussions are equipped in a way that people can sit together and train their minds in the most efficient way.

The company’s employees say that the relations at DataArt are based on their commitment to relying on and trusting each other.

DataArt has created an environment of leadership, where people can make decisions on their own.

Head of DataArt Armenia Arsen Baghdasaryan’s present, the Erebuni carpet, provides the Armenian spirit at one of the most popular areas of the office.

DataArt Armenia’s kitchen is also equipped in a very interesting way.

Playstation, one of the most favorite activities in the programming world, is near the kitchen. The majority of the partners like spending time here.

Marie Taryan
Photos by Emin Aristakesyan