15:28 | 25.10.19 | News | 9411

Ucom’s newly opened service center to operate in Megamall

On October 25, 2019 the new Ucom sales and service center was officially opened in Megamall shopping center at Nor Nork, and that is twice larger and expansive than the branch operating in that district for many years.

“It is Ucom service center with the largest assortment of smartphones, accessories and gadgets. This very branch presents the widest range of innovative equipment, including electric bicycle and scooters, a robot, drones and accessories for virtual reality experience seekers.

In the event of a large flow of customers, service desks were added at the newly opened branch to provide faster service. In order to improve the customer experience, to easily find the desired product and orientate around the area, a clear retail zoning was carried out.

Those who prefer Ucom’s official partner - Apple products, will immediately spot a separate zone for iPhones and Apple accessories. Let us also add that all conditions have been created for the convenience of customers: at the waiting zone, in addition to the phone’s wired chargers there is also an option of wireless charging,” the press release reads.

“A special dedicated Smart Home zone has also been created in this service center, meant to attract the technological innovation seekers. Here one can find smart home solutions such as temperature and humidity sensors, security cameras, LED lamps, and many more. For the first time in this hall we start selling smart TVs,” said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.

Among those invited to the opening there were the first 10 loyal subscribers living in Nor Nork district of Yerevan and benefiting from Ucom’s fixed and mobile services. They were rewarded for their loyalty with the latest Xiaomi Mi A3 smartphones, AirDots - wireless earplugs, as well as UcomPremier Black cards that enable Ucom subscribers to benefit from a set of advantages.