09:40 | 08.10.19 | News | 9293

uPay takes part in DigiTec 2019 for the first time as a stand-alone company

One of Ucom's innovative solutions, uPay, this year for the first time gets represented at DigiTec 2019 as a stand-alone company.

Within the framework of the “Celebration for Technological Armenians” exhibition, uPay launches a new beta-version of its application for a wide range of users.   

The main message of the uPay beta-version is “Create Your Own Payment System”. Users are thus called upon to work together to create what they themselves, i.e. different age group representatives, should be using. uPay is all ears to everyone’s opinions and suggestions and will continue upgrading the app based on that feedback.

«When creating our new application we have studied international practice, the widespread international payment systems and introduced the best solutions. Our young, dedicated, helpful team is open to all suggestions and any feedback. At DigiTec 2019 we look forward to hearing reviews and new ideas from our users, having a plan to create the payment system that suits every individual”, said Ruben Saghoyan, Director General at uPay.

«When designing the pavilion we tried to get an interactive and enjoyable environment for visitors. Those DigiTec participants who will visit our booth and express will to become beta testers will have an opportunity to compete and receive gifts», said Zhanna Mkrtumyan, Marketing Manager at uPay.

“The app was created with the help of new technology, new approaches, in particular, the world-famous “event sourcing” technology used in programming. It enables system flexibility and substantially speeds up its operation. The app has simple, user-friendly interface for all types of users. As mentioned above, it will be constantly upgraded based on the user feedback.

“uPay” LLC was established in December, 2018 by “Ucom” LLC and operates under the license issued by the CBA. uPay is represented in the market by an extensive branch network and mobile application. Users can make various financial transactions both via branch network and the app. uPay has 42 branches operating in Ucom service centers, 20 of which are located in Yerevan and the 22 – in the regions of Armenia,” the press release reads.