10:53 | 06.10.19 | News | 9060

Ucom is the sponsor of two major technology events this fall: WCIT2019 and 15th DigiTec2019

Ucom is the Platinum Sponsor of Digitec2019 and the Technical Sponsor of WCIT2019 – the two most important technological events of this fall in Armenia. This year on October 6-9 both events will be held simultaneously, bringing together over 2000 participants from over 70 countries: the technology leaders, CEOs, investors, keynote speakers, policy makers, government officials, scientists, technologists, and startupers.  

The DigiTec2019, a Celebration for technological Armenians, for the 15th time already will enable the ITC pioneers and startups to introduce their innovative solutions and ideas. 

«I am glad that Armenia is technologically a hotspot this fall and that Armenia can be the center of the technological world map not only during these two most important tech events, but afterwards as well. Ucom has made a very serious contribution to both hosting and popularization of both events. We’ve always strived to accomplish the impossible, and today I can confidently state that these are the dreams come true. Both opportunities should certainly be used to foster partnerships with international organizations and leading technology companies, showcase the capabilities of the Armenian IT sector and attract foreign investment”, said Hayk Yesayan, the Co-Founder and Director General at Ucom.  

At DigiTec2019 Ucom booth visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted to the best digital products of the company, many of which are already widespread among users and are constantly updated based on their feedback. Ucom booth visitors will learn in detail the advantages of uDoctor telehealth application, uKid smartwatch, uFleet fleet management solution, uMediaroom “takeaway” TV. uPay virtual wallet users will be pleased with a set of permanently upgraded advantages their app offers. The booth will also feature the enhanced characteristics of the Ucom app, the benefits of Calix GigaCenter Premium WiFi, and moreover, for the first time a 4K high-definition video portal will be showcased.