14:32 | 08.08.19 | News | 12894

VivaCell-MTS welcomes reduction of roaming rates in Artsakh

VivaCell-MTS welcomes the reduction of roaming rates in Artsakh, reminding that the company has provided for a long time now the reduced tariffs that the competitor operators started to provide from August 1 this year.

Particularly, VivaCell-MTS subscribers pay AMD 38 per minute for outgoing calls, AMD 25 per minute for incoming calls and AMD 40 for SMS. All 3 operators now provide the same rates for roaming in Artsakh.

VivaCell-MTS attaches importance to continuous reduction of roaming rates in Artsakh, evidenced by the opportunity given to the company’s subscribers in roaming area: using “Call to Armenia” service to access any community in Armenia for AMD 25 per minute by dialing *101*phone number# before every call. This means that AMD 25/25 per minute symmetric tariff applies to VivaCell-MTS subscribes in Artsakh.

VivaCell-MTS’s “Voyage” service is yet another opportunity for subscribers. The company offers 50MB internet and 50 SMS to VivaCell-MTS network for subscribers using roaming service in Artsakh at AMD 500 daily.