16:46 | 04.07.19 | News | 9242

Three classes kick off within the frames of Beeline-TUMO joint project

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies (Yerevan) in cooperation with Beeline Armenia have started another three workshops, conducted by leading foreign specialists in the sector.

Croatian engineer Luka Piškorec leads a workshop on construction of generic models, during which TUMO students use Python algorithms to create 3D structures on Rhino. Design Researcher at Aalto University Ashish Mohite’s workshop is dedicated to developing a 3D printer on Arduino and assembling it. Within the frames of Scott Nazarian’s workshop, TUMO students select sights that are important for Armenians in diaspora and create an atmosphere for a dinner through virtual reality.

The results will be displayed at the end of the workshops on June 12, TUMO Yerevan.

“Within the frames of this project, the children receive knowledge and skills in the most in-demand and modern sectors. Certainly, it’s impossible to fully examine given sector in two weeks, but we can lay the foundation for them to understand those directions, the subtleties and significance, as well as receive valuable advice and motivation from successful mentors from abroad,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.