In this column presents the fourth batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

3 DZUK, a startup specializing on customized gifts, uses its own AI algorithm to print photo portraits onto a variety of items: t-shirts, phone cases, notebooks, purses, pencil boxes, etc.

The startup is developing a mobile app as well. Via the app, the users will be able to make a selfie and get it printed on any item of their choice.

3 DZUK team consists of 5 people: artists Agata Badalyan and Hasmik Minasyan, AI expert Abel Ghazinyan, consultant and AI expert Vazgen Hakobjanyan, and marketing specialist Irina Mryan.

The startup targets young people fond of pretty gifts and accessories, and selfies, parents who want to make unique presents to their children, and HR departments that plan to make regular gifts to the staff.

“We offer our clients a customized gift. We work very quickly: usually this type of service takes 7 to 10 days, with painting taking the longest, but our AI solution reduces it by several times,” the 3 DZUK team said.

The startup plans to launch the app within a year and thus increase the sale and enter into the Chinese market.

Narine Daneghyan