14:37 | 13.06.19 | Armenia Startup Academy | exclusive 192041

Armenia Startup Academy graduates: Lucky Carrot

In this column Itel.am presents the fourth batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

Lucky Carrot is an innovative platform for companies to improve the staff’s involvement and motivation, which facilitates good working environment.

The Lucky Carrot team is comprised of team leader Zara Muradyan, web developer Narek Tonoyan and business development manager Mariam Gyulumyan.

According to Zara Muradyan, their platform enables employees to thank each other with virtual carrots, provided by the company beforehand. The collected carrots can be exchanged for gift cards from top shops and recreational establishments.

At the same time, the company receives the analysis of strong and weak points of their employees and the productivity of communication within the staff.

“Contrary to similar products, Lucky Carrot provides gift cards from local shops in many countries. Our platform is also very easy to use. In the future, if we accumulate large amount of data, we’ll start making predictions of possible resignations, using AI,” said Muradyan.

The startup targets IT and financial companies that have 10 to 1000 employees.

Currently, the platform has 13 clients (Hero House, SmartClick AI, Chessify, The Crowdfunding Formula, Seven Smarts, Onex, FinLex, etc.), which have 500 employees in total.

Lucky Carrots plans to enter the Eastern European market, expand the team and further develop the platform within a year.

Narine Daneghyan