15:39 | 23.05.19 | News | 9977

Rostelecom call center installs Krisp app by 2Hz

Rostelecom and 2Hz have announced the launch of partnership.

The Rostelecom call center has installed in several dozens of its computers the app Krisp, which is the best solution in the world for erasing the background noise during calls. It is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning and works as a combination of virtual microphone and speaker for a computer.

Krisp is the first creation of Armenian startup 2Hz, which was founded a year and a half ago. The startup has raised over USD 2 million funding from Silicon Valley investors. In late 2018 Krisp was declared the product of the year by ProductHunt.

“In recent years Armenian startups create and launch innovative solutions that have no analogue in the world. Rostelecom follows startups closely, which enabled us to add new solutions to our services, and today we announce the launch of one more partnership. We have installed Krisp app by 2Hz in our call center, which will increase the quality of the service. Rostelecom is the first company in Armenia to install the beta version of this solution. In a few weeks we will start using the final version. I am certain our example will inspire other Armenian companies and natural persons to use this exclusive app made in Armenia,” said Rostelecom Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan.

“Noise is a serious problem for the operators. Call centers try to minimize or erase it in different ways, spend considerable sums to solve the issue. Krisp does it, so the operators can focus on their work,” said Rostelecom Armenia Head of Customer Care Department Anna Ananyan.

The final version of Krisp will be available on June 12, 2019.