11:30 | 23.05.19 | News | 8708

Beeline holds promotion for buyers of ZTE Blade A530 smartphone

Beeline Armenia has announced a promotion for buyers of ZTE Blade A530 smartphones.

By subscribing to Smart 1500 or Smart 1500 Regional packages until June 30 of 2019, customers of the company will be able to buy the phone for AMD 55 990 and get AMD 10 000 to their account. The smartphone is also available by installments.

“Beeline offices have added this favorite and affordable model of ZTE company to its collection. The phone is perfect in terms of price-quality ratio, as it allows accessing all modern connection technologies and apps for a relatively low price. The prices include a service package, which will make the acquisition and use of this phone more convenient and beneficial,” Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin said.