10:59 | 05.04.19 | Armenia Startup Academy | exclusive 12655

Armenia Startup Academy graduates: EasyDMARC

In this series Itel.am presents the third batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

The solution developed by EasyDMARC prevents hackers’ attacks via email. Residents of 137 countries have used EasyDMARC services over the past 3 months.

The company with the team of 6 people was co-founded by Avag Arakelyan and Gerasim Hovhannisyan.

The company targets SMEs that send more than 10 000 emails a month using various electronic means.

According to Gerasim Hovhannisyan, EasyDMARC is special with its smart notification system, which allows customers to modify the system of their electronic conversations making it safer without risks.

The team attaches importance to participation in Armenia Startup Academy acceleration program.

“We got answers to many questions during the program, formed our business vision, and established very significant connections. We attach special importance to clarification of our target market and our business model that enables us to register 30% growth per month,” he noted.

The company plans to increase the coverage of their services for 20 times over a year and improve the integration system.

“We will have a service that will be launched with a single action. We are committed to simplifying the stages of incorporating and launching the safety systems, providing the customers with easy solutions without risks,” Avag Arakelyan added.

Let us remind that EasyDMARC was among the winners of the “EU4Business Science and Technology Entrepreneurship” (EU4Business STEP2) program in November 2018.