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Armenian startup develops new solution against phishing attacks

Armenian startup has developed a new email protection SaaS platform, which improves the effectiveness of protection against phishing attack and increases email deliverability.

The EasyDMARC new advanced technology helps businesses implement their most important anti-phishing risk-free protection.

The founders of EasyDMARC startup are Avag Arakelyan and Gerasim Hovhannisyan. The team involves 5 people.

In an interview to Itel.am Gerasim Hovhannisyan said that phishing and Ransomware attacks are at the top of the three main attacks, according to the reports.

“By the way, phishing is the main way of spreading Ransomware attacks. The predictions and latest tendencies show that the number of phishing attacks will increase by 2021. Email protection requires a great deal of experience. It is also time-consuming and requires a lot of resources, while some of the important messages may not reach the recipients’ inboxes, if the protection system isn’t well developed. Our product helps you apply the most powerful and strongest protection against phishing attacks on behalf of the organization,” Gerasim Hovhannisyan mentioned.

According to him, two different audiences are targeted and, first of all, companies and organization which prioritize the accuracy of the e-mails sent on their behalf.

“Our SaaS Email protection platform helps many companies and individuals prevent them and their businesses from losing money and authority. It’s the best data loss prevention method. Email protection is also a serious problem in law and legal system, where every fraudulent email can be fatal,” Gerasim Hovhannisyan added.

The EasyDMARC email protection solutions are of interest to organizations, individuals and businesses which have a problem with their emails going spam. EasyDMARC helps businesses to increase email deliverability and save money.

Talking about the solution, EasyDMARC’s Co-Founder pointed out that the services available on the market mostly deal with one specific problem, and in order to solve all email protection issues, businesses need to use various services, which is time-consuming and needs extra money for service.

“We consider smart alerting as a very important feature. With the help of smart alerting we also provide correct configurations and adjustments as well as necessary information that helps companies increase their domain authority,” Gerasim Hovhannisyan said.

The establishment partners with a lot of companies in local market, among them Cyber Gates.

According to EasyDMARC Founder, they have special pricing policy for Armenian businesses.

“For many Armenian businesses our competitors’ prices are too expensive to buy, but with EasyDMARC Armenian companies don’t have such a problem,” he added.

In August only EasyDMARC helped Armenian businesses to mitigate 2700 threats.

“We understand the fact that there are still many things to do. Our studies show that only 1.4 % of the Armenian companies have adequate and advanced email protection. We want to provide email protection services to almost all Armenian companies, especially those with the highest potential of being cyber-attack victims: banks, accounting firms, etc.,” Gerasim Hovhannisyan highlighted.