16:00 | 04.04.19 | Armenia Startup Academy | exclusive 14482

Armenia Startup Academy graduates: Puzl

In this series Itel.am presents the third batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

Puzl is a startup providing solutions for full-spectrum automation of supermarkets. It targets small and medium-size supermarket chains in North America.

Puzl is a partnership between Pomegranatopia (Hong Kong), Essential Solutions (Yerevan), and Instigate (Yerevan). The team is 13 people strong.

The startup’s CEO Matt Bartelsian has told Itel.am that Puzl automates traditional business processes and provides an artificial intelligence (AI) platform-as-a-service to manufacturers of supermarket robots

“Lots of robot manufacturers are promising the world, but unable to deliver it because they don’t have the data necessary to train their AI systems. Puzl has found a unique means to acquire this data and is using it to build the best-of-breed AI platform in the industry,” said Bartelsian.

photo © Puzl

At the moment, Puzl is launching in North America, and the team aims to be in Europe by the end of the year.

Narine Daneghyan