10:25 | 09.01.19 | News | exclusive 17358

Aram Sargsyan: Armenia is among Yandex.Taxi’s most successful markets

Regional General Manager for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) & CIS at Yandex.Taxi Aram Sargsyan has revealed that the company tests services and innovations in Armenia and introduces them in other markets if the testing is successful.

“It is a common practice for us, and we have plenty of examples of it. We actually experiment a lot. We test new functions, and if our Armenian clients approve of them, we begin scaling those innovations in other markets. I won’t name one particular function, but we initially tried it in Armenia and later used it in other countries, and in the end it brought 10-15% growth for the entire company. That’s awesome!” Aram Sargsyan said in the interview to Mediamax.

Mr. Sargsyan also spoke about the Yandex coding schools in Gyumri and Vanadzor:

“We would be happy if these schools prepared specialists Yandex could hire, but that is not our goal. If the graduates of Yandex schools become proper experts, create their own products and apps as well as advance the market and the country, we will consider our task fulfilled.”