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EPIC startup teams: RenderChain, Creatr and Edwise

At the beginning of October Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) of the American University of Armenia (AUA) welcomed its 3rd batch of venture startup teams to the EPIC business incubator.

During the course of the program, 9 teams participate in a 12-week ideas-stage incubation training to shape their ventures, validate their business concepts, and build the business model, benefiting from the advantages of AUA ecosystem.

Itel.am introduces teams of EPIC Fall 2018 Batch. In the second part of the series we will talk about RenderChain, Creatr and Edwise startups, which are designed to provide innovation in graphics and film using blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies.

RenderChain will help people who are specialized in 3D graphics, visual effects (VFX), film-making, animation, and motion graphics to get their software-made products into video faster and less expensively by creating a marketplace of available excess computing resources.

According to the startup, there will be two different user types associated with their blockchain-based, peer-to-peer system: Render Requestors, who are users that submit render projects to RenderChain, and PC Providers, who are users that rent out their idle computing resources to complete these projects.

Render projects will be collected worldwide and then distributed amongst the available resources, ultimately sending the rendered videos to the cloud.

Creatr is planning to create a platform for the film industry to avoid two of the most frequently encountered issues: human and financial. It is challenging to find opportunities in the early stages of a film career, and Creatr aims to be a bridge between script writers, directors, actors, camera crews, and others.

Once a team has formed and completed their project, the startup will be able to connect with investors and sponsors to implement their project.

Edwise - On average, editing a film takes 3-4 months, 80% of which is spent on technical editing and the remaining 20% on creative editing and decision making. Edwise is working to give filmmakers more time for creative editing by automating the most routine technical tasks through artificial intelligence ‒ continuity editing, color correction, correct ordering, and cutting shots.

According to the startup founders, currently the team is conducting market research and using raw footage as data to run the algorithms. Before Edwise, one of the founders was accepted to the Harvard Crossroads Summer Program affiliated with the Harvard Business School. The other founder has developed a system of minimal logic of predicates and presented his findings at many universities, most notably Stockholm University.