13:02 | 12.11.18 | News | 11809

Educational program “Russian painters and Paris” kicks off with support of Rostelecom

The educational program “Russian painters and Paris” kicked off at COAF SMART Center in Debet community, Lori marz (Armenia) on November 5.

The program, dedicated to the 17th Summit of La Francophonie that Armenia hosted recently, is organized at the initiative of Russian Art Museum with sponsorship by Rostelecom Armenia and support from Children of Armenia Fund (COAF).

It is aimed at developing the museum-community cooperation and educating children about the collection of Russian Art Museum through interactive courses and lithography workshop. The museum currently keeps the works by world-renowned painters who lived and worked in Paris.

The program is designed for students of painting clubs in Mets Ayrum village and COAF SMART Center. The organizers plan to take the children on a reference visit to Russian Art Museum in Yerevan, which will serve as the second phase of the program.