14:27 | 31.10.18 | News | 13088

Shant TV channels package to broadcast in Rostelecom network

The package of Shant TV channels (Shant Premium, Shant Serial, Shant Music and Shant News) will be broadcasted in Rostelecom network starting from November 1, according to the agreement signed by the sides.

“We continue the years-long cooperation with Shant and allocate our efforts to developing the Armenian television company, thus promoting increase of viewing and improvement of content. Soon we will reveal new, specialized channels in Shant package as a step forward. I am certain that this development and our investments will boost the progress of Armenian airtime, enriching it with quality content that people are used to see on Shant channels,” said Rostelecom Armenia CEO Hayk Faramazyan.

According to him, the content has always been a priority for Rostelecom.

“Modern, relevant, entertaining, multi-genre content for viewers of all age groups is the motto we apply to select and update the list of channels. It is very important for us that each of our customers finds content for themselves, be that a programme, a film, news, TV series, cartoons, or something else,” said Hayk Faramazyan.

Rostelecom also noted that they regularly improve the airtime, adding not only local, but also highly-rated foreign channels.