12:05 | 25.10.18 | News | 9773

Beeline Startup Incubator sums up current results of the 2nd cycle

Beeline Startup Incubator has summed up the current results of the second incubation cycle.

The resident teams have worked for a month with mentors, seminar instructors and other assisting parties to improve and develop their startups. The first monthly monitoring assessed their growth: the teams presented the results of their work and the knowledge they gained from workshops and meetings in the incubator and answered the questions from investors.

The first monitoring placed these startups in top 3: eSwap (online shopping management), TapTap (game-based app that enables tourists to travel without a guide), and LinguaStorm (international online teaching platform with over 40 courses in 16 languages covering all areas of specialty).

Two startups are currently in the risk zone and one other withdrew from the cycle.

According to the organizers, similar monitoring will be conducted in the next three months as well.

“Monitoring of progress is an important part of any education, and we intend to get only the best results. The startups involved in our incubator will have to be ready to pitch to real investors by the end of the program, so they need to do a lot of work for that. I am happy to see the progress of our teams and I wish them all big achievements,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

Resident startups receive training in marketing, PR, market and goal assessment, team forming and development. They also study issued related to financial planning and investment opportunities, and the legal field.