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Anelik Bank rebrands as IDBank

During the press release held on May 30, Anelik Bank announced rebranding and presented the new brand and logo. Starting from June 4, the bank will perform as IDBank.

The bank’s marketing department representative Tatevik Hovhannisyan has revealed the details of rebranding.

The decision on rebranding was made by the new shareholder of the bank and the issue of expected changes has been repeatedly mentioned over this time. The rapidly changing world creates serious challenges and issues for financial institutions, which must be solved for a bank to achieve long-term success. This is the way the bank has chosen to move in and the ongoing modernization process will reflect high quality customer service, innovations, new approaches and digitization.

IDBank is aiming to become the first choice bank for its customers and the best innovative bank.

The choice of the name and the new logo was not accidental. The three triangular curves that form the basis of the logo of IDBank symbolize the uniqueness of a person through the fingerprint image and emphasize the individual approach of the bank to each customer. The new 3 colours of the brand are:

White as the symbol of open and transparent system;
Grey as the symbol of personality and innovation;
Orange as the symbol of progress, youth and new approaches.

IDBank will offer individual approach to the customers, high quality service and innovative solutions in a completely new banking environment. By the year end the bank will introduce a number of innovative projects.

“Rebranding is just the beginning of a new and difficult way, which IDBank has chosen, and the most important projects are still ahead. While creating a new image, we tried to reflect the core values and philosophy of the bank, its long-term experience, the use of innovative technologies and constant strife to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our new style is universal, based on the principles of simplicity and comfort. It is modern, easy and catchy.

We are not a bank of the future, but the bank of present. Now it is a young, energetic, innovative bank. We aim at becoming the first choice bank for our customers and I am confident that we have the right experience, team, will and creative approach to achieve all our goals,” said Chairman of the Council Vartan Dilanyan.

“Being one of the first banks in Armenia and having a long-term experience, we have been able to obtain a large number of customers and confidence throughout the years, which is very compelling. The rebranding and the transformation of new strategy of IDBank is being implemented to expand and maintain the confidence,” said Ruben Melikyan, the acting Chairman of the Management Board, Financial Director of IDBank.

“I am certain a successful rebranding will give new impetus to further development and prosperity of the bank, as well as enable us to improve the corporate culture within the bank and create more convenient conditions in the customer service,” said Armenak Darbinyan, member of the Board of the Central Bank.

Representatives of the Central Bank, the financial system, customers and partners of the bank attended the presentation following the press conference.

The bank presented the new trademark in a unique environment. The guests enjoyed an entertaining programme, during which the bank introduced its new vision.


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