15:20 | 29.11.17 | News | 20265

Beeline presents Quatro SIM offer

Beeline launches Quatro SIM offer, which creates new opportunities for the whole family.

Joining Quatro or Neo Max packages, the subscribers will receive up to 5 free SIM cards, which allow making free calls in mobile network, using mobile internet and watching BeeTV channels each month.

“We continue developing our convergent services, and Quatro SIM will supplement Beeline’s special offers, which provide maximal number of services at affordable prices. I am convinced that the subscribers will highly appreciate this opportunity and enjoy our simple and convenient services,” Chief Commercial Officer at Beeline Armenia Hayk Karapetyan said.

Subscribers of Quatro packages will receive up to 5 free SIM cards, unlimited number of minutes, 200 MB mobile internet per month and subscription to 20 BeeTV channels. Subscribers of Neo Max packages will get 2 SIM cards, unlimited number of minutes, 100 MB mobile internet per month, as well as subscription to 10 BeeTV channels. Neo Max package subscription costs AMD 5990 per month.