Sevan Startup Summit 2018

22 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
Sevan lake

Around 1000 entrepreneurs from around the world will take part, including 120 startup teams

Karen Vardanyan

Union of Information Technology Enterprises

Executive director at Union of information technology enterprises

Raffi Krikorian

U.S. Democratic National Committee

Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Democratic National Committee

Alexis Ohanian


American entrepreneur, investor, co-founder of the social news site Reddit

Nina Achadjian


Founder of HIVE Seed Fund


Talk to strangers and get answers to important questions

A2B transport

Transport routes search in Yerevan


Armenian-Russian social fitness platform


Order services through an app and receive them with fixed prices at home

Be Armenian

Armenian-themed backgrounds and greeting cards in Armenian


Puzzle game with arcade elements


Interactive desk to draw and chat


Imagination-stirring 3D puzzle game

Nine newborns saved in Kapan Medical Center this year by VivaCell-MTS’s supprot

About ten years ago, “BirthLink” NGO and VivaCell-MTS began to cooperate with the aim of reducing the infant mortality rate in Armenia.

Today, “BirthLink” states that the partner organizations have reached their main goal of developing neonatal healthcare in Armenia. Year after year, the long-term outcome of the project becomes even more noticeable. This organization considers the success not only as a result of utilization of state-of-the-art equipment, but also due to the long-term commitment of VivaCell-MTS.

This year in Kapan Medical Center, for example, neonatal care has been provided to 9 newborns who have recovered completely. Neonatologist Sergey Gasparyan noted that it is important to upgrade newborn and neonatal care departments with the latest technology and provide specialized training to the medical personnel. According to him, the indicator of satisfaction is the children saved, many of whom are already grown-ups and live an active and healthy life. The importance of the program is also highly appreciated by parents whose children have survived thanks to the care of the medical personnel and the availability of necessary equipment.

Since 2008, in the frames of program implemented by partnering organizations, 43 newborn and neonatal care departments have been upgraded in different regions and in the capital with the latest equipment. In order to ensure the success of the program, over the years, VivaCell-MTS has allocated about 600 million drams to the newborn and neonatal care departments. Due to specialized care and necessary equipment, the infant mortality and morbidity level has decreased in remote regions of Armenia by providing adequate health care to children born with health problems and inadequate weight. Latest healthcare methods have been used during childbirth for non-invasive respiratory treatment of children suffering from lung disease.

Reduction of the infant mortality rate is a major challenge in the world. According to the World Health Organization, 44% of all under five-year-old child deaths are infant mortality cases. Provision of qualified medical care to infants during the vulnerable period has been available in our country since 2008.

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