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IT Teens. Harutyun Sargsyan

It’s a proved fact that love for technologies begins in childhood. Today students go to school with smartphones and do their homework on tablets.

There are many teenagers in Armenia now, who not only use smartphones and tablets but also try to create something on their own - a game, an app or a program.

Itel.am continues its IT Teens series, presenting Armenian teenagers who’ve been interested in technologies since early childhood and create products in this industry.

12-year-old Harutyun Sargsyan has been discovering the world of technologies for two years now. He attends classes in Armath lab and Tumo center, makes robots and studies programming and 3D modeling.

Harutyun Sargsyan Harutyun Sargsyan
photo © Mediamax

“In Armath lab we developed a robot, which can walk from table towards the wall, then make a turn in a given distance and walk back to the table. Another robot by our team can take an object, calculate the distance to the second gripper and then close it. Currently we aim to combine these functions and create single robot, which can take an object, put it in a box and return to the storage,” Harutyun tells.

Harutyun Sargsyan Harutyun Sargsyan
photo © Mediamax

The young programmer will enter Special Physic-mathematical School after Artashes Shahinyan this year.

“I would love to study at UWC Dilijan College later and then continue my studies in Germany or France, as education is more affordable there. I would also like to work abroad, but Armenia will always be my homeland, so I will do everything possible to use my knowledge for the development of my country,” Harutyun emphasized.

Harutyun Sargsyan Harutyun Sargsyan
photo © Mediamax

Blitz questions

- Would you prefer to play football in the street or a computer game at home?

- I have been involved in professional football for two years now. I play as wing-back with Vardanank 451 in Etchmiadzin. In summer I play for 2 hours a day every evening. I know rules of a number of sports by heart. Barcelona is my favorite team.

- Imagine computers and smartphones disappeared from the face of the Earth. What would you do?

- I would play football. I would also read a lot of interesting books, as I am very fond of adventure literature, especially works by Jules Verne. I read Armenian classics too. I also like fantasy films: Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean.

- What would you spend your first million on?

- I would watch Champions League Final from the stadium. I would possibly start a company, a new brand maybe. I would also develop technologies, which would allow submarines reach water surface and then fly.  

- A vacation in the Silicon Valley or on the Maldives?

- In Silicon Valley. Water level in the Maldives is gradually rising, and possibly the islands will soon no longer exist. I wouldn’t danger my life (laughs, editor).  

- What famous IT person would you like to dine with?

- I think with Bill Gates. Probably Mark Zuckerberg, but he is younger you know (laughs, editor). I would eat some Georgian khinkali with Bill Gates. I would ask him how he managed to sleep at night when Steve Jobs threatened to take his last cent away.
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