12:58 | 28.07.17 | News | 40272

Beeline IT Director tells of blockchain at Sevan Startup Summit

One of CampFire Talks at Sevan Startup Summit 2017 featured Beeline IT Director Alexey Kim as a speaker.

He shared his knowledge of blockchain with summit participants, gathered around a campfire.

Alexey Kim introduced them audience to the history of blockchain, touched upon cryptocurrency and mining, and told about sectors of blockchain application and Ethereum platform.

“I had the pleasure to participate and speak at Sevan Startup Summit 2017. It was a very inspirational event. I met with active young people and heard curious ideas. I am grateful to the organizers for the event and my invitation,” said Beeline IT Director.

Beeline is the main sponsor and provider of internet access of Sevan Startup Summit 2017.