11:27 | 14.06.17 | News | exclusive 9061

HayMap platform to unite Armenian specialists

Cascade People & Business introduced the idea of HayMap all-Armenian professional platform within the frames of DigiTec Business Forum on June 9-10.

The founder and business partner of the company Arpi Karapetyan told Itel.am that the platform would unite Armenian specialists, becoming an all-Armenian professional virtual platform, based on 2-criteria choice: nation and profession.

The platform pursues the goal of orienting all-Armenian potential towards Armenia in favor of Armenian professionals by developing Armenian business and economy within mutually beneficial cooperation.  

“The platform aims to become a mutually beneficial means of online communication between specialists from various sectors. The platform will accomplish different tasks from organizing registration process, online courses, video conferences, training, chats, online consultations, catching, mentoring to forming councils, focus groups etc.,” Arpi Karapetyan noted.

According her, despite certain challenges in the way of creating this platform, the company decided to present the idea in the form of “brainstorming” to analyze different views during DigiTec Business forum.

Currently the company discusses the launch deadlines and partners.