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Smart wallet by Armenian Volterman always returns to the owner

Armenian-based Volterman startup has developed a smart wallet, which gives the opportunity to secure your wallet and easily find it in case of losing.

The founder of Volterman Azat Tovmasyan told in an interview to Banks.am/Itel.am that the team involved 4 members and total 30 volunteers working on the project.

“The smart wallet has 5 key functions. Power Bank allows charging your mobile phone up to 100%. Whenever your wallet and mobile phone are apart, Bluetooth Alarm function signals the information from one device to the other. That is to say, your mobile phone will notify you once forget your wallet somewhere and vice versa. If your wallet has been stolen and you missed the notification, Global GPS Tracker allows you to see through online map (throughout the globe) where the wallet is at certain period of time, while identifying where the thief is running,” Azat Tovamsyan introduced the functions of the wallet.

According to him, the wallet has WiFi Hotspot, which provides Internet roaming service anywhere in the world at prices 10 times less than that of standard roaming.

“If someone dares to open your wallet without your knowledge, the little camera will take a picture and send it to your mobile phone. We have developed a wallet, which does not get lost. Once your wallet is stolen, you will find it easily by receiving the picture of the thief,” Volterman founder explains.

Touching upon the differences of Volterman from other similar smart wallets, Azat Tovmasyan said that those available on the market had only Bluetooth Alarm and Power Bank functions, while they offer wallets with photo camera, WiFi and GPS.

Speaking about the business model of the product, Azat Tovmasyan remarked that they cooperated with GlobalAm NGO, which helped the company start campaigns on design, marketing and crowdfunding platforms.

“The production will start after the crowdfunding. The electronics will be developed in China, as it is impossible to do in Armenia. The leather production and assembly process will be accomplished in Armenia. Volterman will launch the first sales on crowdfunding platforms in June, yet you need to visit Volterman.com and leave your email address in advance to get the product at lower rates. Volternman will start sales on international online shops after completing Crowdfunding,” he said.

Volterman Smart Wallet was among the winners of Innovation Matching Grants (IMG) scheme, held in the beginning of May, Yerevan.

Azat Tovmasyan also informed about the investment offers both from Armenia and abroad.

Narine Daneghyan