15:16 | 24.05.17 | News | 18118

Beeline launches sale of new Pro 6 smartphone

Beeline offices launched sale of the new Beeline Pro 6 smartphone that works in 4G/LTE network and with 2 SIM cards.

The smartphone price is AMD 35 900, it’s provided together with Smart 1500 prepaid tariff plan.

Buying Beeline Pro 6 with Smart 1500 until September 1 will enable subscribers to get a Beeline Pro 5, Beeline Pro 4, Beeline Fast or Beeline Smart Pro second brand smartphone with up to 20% discount.

Subscribers will be provided Smart 1500 prepaid tariff plan with any of those smartphones.

“Beeline Pro 6 has improved functions as compared to the previous model. For example, we raised the quality of main and front cameras, made the design more attractive and increased the phone’s efficiency. Beeline continues to expand the range of low-cost smartphones that work in 4G network and allow users to give the credit to Beeline’s simple and convenient services,” noted Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.