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Armenian startup KEID is making world’s first interactive necklace

KEID startup, operating in Armenia, is making the world’s first interactive necklace, which allows downloading pictures and gifs to the necklace from smartphone.

Startup co-founder Hrant Sargsyan told Itel.am that they started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo today.

You can donate money at Indiegogo beforehand and receive the pre-bought necklace when production begins.

“We’ve been working on the project for around a year, and we are ready to start producing. I came up with the idea last summer and I immediately decided to realize it. I always dreamed to create something innovative. I paid attention to people’s accessories to see where I could introduce innovation. I noticed that people were wearing necklaces with static images, and that’s how I invented my necklaces,” Hrant Sargsyan explained.

According to KEID founder, they intend to collect USD 20,000 at Indiegogo by July and begin mass production with that sum.

“It’s impossible to build the device parts from scratch in Armenia, but it’ll be convenient to import them from China and assemble here,” Hrant Sargsyan noted.

Touching upon the startup’s name, he explained that KEID is a name of a star system

Narine Daneghyan