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CYBER GATES: Cloudflare will make Armenian websites perform ten times faster

Last week it became known that web performance and security company Cloudflare will open a data center in Yerevan.

That center will be the company’s 37th deployment in Asia and 103rd data center globally.

We talked with CYBER GATES CEO Samvel Gevorgyan about what a Cloudflare data center can give Armenia.

- What role can Cloudflare’s entry to market play for Armenia?

- Cloudflare is a professional solution used by over 5.5 million web resources (websites, services, etc.). However, it’s also a solution anyone with basic technical skills can use.

It solves two issues at once: web performance and security. By having a data center in Armenia, we increase web performance and reduce security risks for them at the same time.

- How does Cloudflare ensure web performance and why does it seek representation in the region?

- Cloudflare realizes a number of operations that help to decrease web optimization and cache the website’s static content, which improves web performance by several times. A data center in Armenia will allow transferring data on a very short distance, thus enhancing performance of Armenian websites up to tenfold for the region’s visitors.

How CDN works How CDN works

Cloudflare is a wall that protects your website from threats and dangerous visitors Cloudflare is a wall that protects your website from threats and dangerous visitors

- Cloudflare had a very serious security incident this February. How safe is the service?

- Information security doesn’t have a single solution that eliminates all kinds of security risks. This occupation requires constant attention and significant professional experience. That security incident in Cloudflare was caused exactly by an employee’s carelessness, which resulted in a security threat for digital data on millions of websites. Believe me, no one is safe from such risks.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Samvel Gevorgyan