14:57 | 20.01.17 | News | 39455

Yandex Programming School opens in Vanadzor

Yandex Programming School opened in Vanadzor Technological Center today.

The school is a joint initiative of Yandex and the Enterprise Incubator Foundation for pupils of 9-11 grades, who want to acquire web-development skills.

The project objective is to introduce the students to programming, create perspectives of work in IT sector for them, and facilitate progress of the sector in Lori marz.

“There are many opportunities for learning in the capital, so these schools will open in the marzes first, where they will be more useful and efficient,” said Yandex.Taxi CEO Tigran Khudaverdyan.

Education in Yandex Programming School is free. 147 pupils applied for the program, and 28 out of them were selected for participation. The lessons will begin on January 21 and will be held twice a week. Each course is one-year long. In that time children will learn the basics of Python and try to make their own projects.

The school will monitor and estimate the students’ progress. The students who complete the courses successfully will receive certificates of Yandex Programming School Armenia.