11:38 | 23.11.16 | News | 13210

Findo announces closure of USD 7 Million Seed Funding Round

Findo search system, founded by David Yang, entrepreneur, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors at ABBYY, Co-founder of Ayb Educational Foundation, announced successful closure of USD 7 Million Seed Funding Round.

Findo PR Manager Sophia Arakelyan told Itel.am that Findo will direct the investment to the further development of deep learning technologies.

Findo also announced strategic cooperation with Foxit, a leading software provider of PDF solutions, within the frames of which Foxit will invest USD 600 000 in Findo. The cooperation implies mutual technology integration.

Findo informs that this investment is a part of a $7 million series seed round along with ABBYY, Flint Capital and other companies.

The integration will give 425 million Foxit users the opportunity to work with PDF files more effectively, while Findo users will be able to edit PDF files, using the product.

The number of searchable items such as PDFs, documents, image files, email, messages, contacts, and notes increases every year at an unbelievable rate.

“We are convinced that only advanced artificial intelligence technologies will give people the opportunity to better organize this personal-data tsunami,” said Gary Fowler, CEO and Co-Founder of Findo.

The integration between Findo and Foxit products will support web, cloud, and mobile platforms and is estimated to be completed in 2017.

Unlike other search systems, Findo allows searching information on cloud storages, social networks and devices, like computers and smartphones.

Findo will easily help find necessary information on Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Outlook, OneDrive, YahooMail, as well as in your computer. Findo bots will become your teammates and help your team work faster and more effectively. The system gives the opportunity to search information on Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Skype, without having to close the app.