16:28 | 21.11.16 | News | 8190

Open data Hackathon accepts applications for participation

Two-day Open Data Hackathon will take place on December 3-4 in Aghveran, aimed at using government data to generate innovative solutions to a range of Armenia’s social challenges.

Registration deadline is November 27. Application form is available here.

Kolba Lab noted that the participants of the Hackathon will have the opportunity to take part in open data workshops, discuss current analytical methods, get acquainted with data virtualization tools and engage in a network of open data scientists.

Open Data Hackathon is part of the #Inno4dev: Innovation for Development project, which is funded by the European Union.

Kolba Lab informs that series of workshops will be held on the first day (December 3) on how the data will be accessed, analyzed and visualized, and what kind of practical tools could be designed. Participants will gain an overview of the available open datasets and corresponding tech tools, as well as an understanding of the challenges faced when working with Open Data, as well as the opportunities and solutions that have already been explored worldwide.

Workshops will be followed by the Hackathon, during which participants will team up around certain topics that are of most interest. During the Hackathon, each team will choose a certain dataset to work on to create a prototype of the suggested product.

At the end of Hackathon on Sunday each team will have 5-7 minutes to present their data product. A panel of judges will decide on the best data solutions and the winning projects will be incubated by Kolba Lab.

The teams are encouraged to propose two main types of products: user friendly format and/or accessible design of existing datasets, and innovative tools which can be built on existing databases.

Kolba Lab will provide internet connection, your accommodation and will ensure you have enough food and coffee for hacking. The organization will provide a catalogue of datasets including some government owned resources as well as some open/big data sources made available specifically for the Hackathon.

The participants will get the chance to meet the industry’s experts participating in the ICT Leaders Forum.